Shiang Jia was established more than 20 years ago,and since establishment,We have always upheld the endeavor to upgrading our technical capabilities and at the same time upating our equipments to satisfy unique requirements of each customer.Our primary products are Gas parts and Bathroom parts-based finished and semi-finished products .We also paride ourselves for offering OEM/ODM solicitors which are qoted on customer's designated samples and drawing.
If you are require to understand our products and equipments,please visit our website for further introductions.We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

du lich

hay kham pha voi nhung chuong trinh tour

du lich phu quoc

va tham quan

du lich con dao

hay co the di den

du lich phu quoc

sau do vao mien trung de

du lich da nang

, nguoc ra bac trai nghiem chuong trinh

du lich ha noi

, tren duong di nho ghe ngang

du lich phong nha

kham pha hang dong ki vy hay

du lich mien tay

sau khi nghi ngoi co the di

du lich ha long

, roi xuoi vao nam

du lich nha trang

voi chuong trinh ke tiep di

du lich con dao

hay la ban co the chon

du lich phu quoc

, hoac xuat ngoai thuong ngoan ve dep khi

du lich campuchia

, ghe vung song nuoc miet vuon khi tham gia chuong trinh

du lich mien tay

ben canh do chung toi con co

noi that can tho

chuyen san xuat

noi that

voi cac san pham

tuong go phong thuy

va nhung

tuong go

bang go tu nhien Tuong thich ca bang go soi Tuong A di da phong thuy Tuong Quan am go huong Tuong Di lac hien dai Tuong Tam da dep Tuong Quan cong tinh te Tuong Khong minh doc dao Tuong Dat ma go huong Tuong Than tai go nu Tuong Ong tho go trac